“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Has a Disappointing Start at the Box Office

Sophie Turner in "Dark Phoenix." Photo by D Gregory/20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock (10102959g)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is officially the biggest flop of the franchise.

Fans of the X-Men movies seemed delighted by the decision to reintroduce the Phoenix to the franchise. Fans of Game of Thrones were equally delighted to learn that Sophie Turner (i.e. Sansa Stark) would be reprising the role of Jean Gray.

Although the hype for the feature was considerable, the movie has fallen short of expectations. The film is predicted to collect just $34 million at its opening weekend in the box office. For a little comparison, X-Men: The Last Stand grossed $234,362,462 at the box office in total and Deadpool earned an impressive $363,070,709.

The poor opening places Dark Phoenix at the bottom of the ranking for opening weekends in the X-Men franchise. As it stands, the film is rated 20% on Rotten Tomatoes and it looks like the $200 million budget the film had is not going to be met by international audiences either.

Still, if you want to give the movie a shot anyway, it is in cinemas now.