Will There Be a Second Season Of “This Time With Alan Partridge”?

Steve Coogan in "This Time with Alan Partridge"

The writers of This Time with Alan Partridge have revealed whether there will be a second series and what their plans may be for the future of the show.

Speaking to Digital Spy, writers Rob and Neil Gibbons said: “We’re putting it in a drawer for now. It was never intended to definitely be a one series thing with a huge catastrophe at the end, that’d be too similar to what’s gone before with Alan.”

They added: “So the door’s not shut.”

The writers then went on to discuss the potential for the character of Jamie outside of her character on This Time.

“We didn’t want her to be just the butter-wouldn’t-melt voice of reason, the one the audience align with. It’d get boring,” they explained. “So in the first episode, we had her ‘accidentally’ steal a joke from Alan and use it herself on air. The uncertainty that created in Alan – was that really an accident or is she f**king with me? – immediately put some more interesting flesh on the bone and from there we wanted to keep her motives unclear.

“From laughing at him slightly too much on air one minute to flirting with him off the air the next. It meant the audience’s sympathies shift between her and Alan.”

This Time with Alan Partridge is available now on DVD.