Top 8 Unexpected Movie Deaths

Shocking deaths are fairly common in movies, especially when it comes to the horror or thriller genre. But sometimes, we don’t expect a certain character to die whether it’s because he is too lovable, too important or simply played by a major actor. Let’s check out top 8 unexpected movie deaths.

Carolyn Fry in Pitch Black

Carolyn Fry and Riddick spent the whole movie fighting blood-thirsty monsters on a deserted planet. When they are just about to escape, she gets killed by one of the creatures.

Julian Taylor in Children of Men

When you see Julian Moore, you’d expect her to be the leading role incapable of dying. But in this movie, she dies with minimal effort during an ambush.

Chad Feldheimer in Burn After Reading

Brad Pitt is one of the best actors in Hollywood and no stranger to dying in movies. But the character of Chad Felheimer will be forever remembered for being shot in the face by George Clooney.

Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction

When John Travolta and his fellow hitman, Samuel L. Jackson, are feuding about divine intervention, Travolta’s character, Vega, accidentally gets killed. Of course, it is a shock, considering he is the lead role, but it is a Tarantino movie after all.

Lt. Col Austin Travis in Executive Decision

Steven Seagal always plays the ultimate, undefeatable and immortal character. But in this movie, he dies during opening scenes in order to save his crew.

P.K Highsmith and Christopher Danson in The Other Guys

Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson are known for action hero roles. Seeing them in the movie got everyone pumped up. But they died some 5 minutes into the movie by jumping off the building.

Billy Costigan in The Departed

The whole movie is one big roller-coaster ride about an undercover cop, played by DiCaprio, who infiltrates deeply into the Irish mob. When you finally think he is going to make it out alive, he dies to everyone’s shock and disappointment.

Dick Hallorann in The Shining

Without Hallorann, no one would even know what “the shining” actually means. On top of that, during one scene he looks like he’s going to save the day from the ax-murdering Danny Torrance. But alas, it didn’t bode well for Dick.