Top 5 “Skins” Moments: Seasons 5-6

Mini (Freya Mavor), Liv (Laya Lewis), Alo (Will Merrick) and Nick (Sean Teale) in "Skins"

The third and final generation of Skins is probably the least popular, but seasons 5 and 6 definitely still have their fair share of golden moments. Here are our top 5.

Rich watches Grace’s ballet

After the ‘Angel of Death’ rejects him and he loses his hearing while listening to his metal record too loud, Rich decides he might as well go and see Grace’s ballet after all. The silent scene is actually quite beautiful and Rich’s reaction to watching her is really sweet.

Grace and Rich’s “Almost Wedding”

Even though they don’t actually get married in the end, seeing the whole gang come together to help their friends stay a couple is a great ending to the season finale.

Liv meets Matty

When Liv meets Matty for the first time, he shows up out of nowhere, completely unaware that he is Nick’s brother. The two decide to have one great, consequence-free day together and it’s pretty fun to watch. Obviously in true Skins style, nothing is consequence free.

Minnie’s pregnancy

Minnie had a tough season with Grace’s death and her unwanted pregnancy, but there is a beautiful moment in episode 5 where she sees her unborn child for the first time on a scan. She is initially unwilling to look, unable to face the reality of the situation, but when she finally does she weeps and laughs with joy and it’s lovely.

Rich realizes Grace is dead

It’s not an enjoyable moment, but it is darkly memorable. Rich spends the episode believing that Grace survived the car crash and that her father is keeping her from him. After trashing his house at a party and making love to Grace in her bedroom, he receives a phone call from her telling him she loves him. Moments later her father shows up and tells him that she never woke up from the coma.