Top 5 Most Gruesome AHS Moments

Sarah Paulson in "American Horror Story." Photo by FX Networks

If you aren’t up to date with American Horror story (AHS), beware of spoilers. With seven seasons to date, every time we think that AHS can’t get any more horrifying, it disturbingly exceeds our expectations. The series is filled with shocking and grotesque moments but we have picked out five of the most gruesome so far.

Dr Thredson’s basement (Asylum)

It seems as if Lana has finally gotten away but when she arrives in his house it is revealed that Dr Thredon is in fact the season’s elusive murderer, Bloodyface. When she falls into the basement she is greeted by her dead girlfriend and a series of horrific events follow.

Violet’s death (Murder House)

We still can’t get Violet’s face out of our heads when she is revealed as dead in the trapdoor.

Minotaur (Coven)

The infamous Minotaur moment comes instantly to mind when ranking the most gruesome moments, but the entire story revolving the violent villain is deeply disturbing.

Elsa’s movie (Freak Show)

We hadn’t sympathised much with Elsa before the moment we learn of her unfortunate, disturbing past. Dreaming of being an actress, she is promised stardom which turns out to in fact involve landing the lead role in a snuff movie. There are several gruesome moments in Freak Show but there is something especially sinister about what happened to Elsa.

Rasper Shelly (Asylum)

The image of horribly mutated, legless Shelly as she clambers up the steps on the school playground desperate to be put out of her misery is the most shocking and unpleasant of the series. Some things you just can’t unsee.