Top 10 “Black Mirror” Episodes Ranked

Bryce Dallas Howard in "Black Mirror." Photo by David Dettmann/Netflix

The popular TV series Black Mirror features 19 stand-alone episodes set in a dystopian world not too dissimilar from our own. Every episode is credible in its right, but we thought we would try ranking our favorites anyway. Disagree? Tell us why in the comments!

10. The Entire History of You

An eye implant allows users to browse their memory history on screen for others to see. The protagonist’s consequent descent into paranoia is what makes the episode so brilliantly believable.

9. Nosedive

A society where everyone is rated does not seem too far off. This episode frustrates the audience as we watch the protagonist desperately do anything she can to improve her rating.

8. The National Anthem

This infamous episode kicks off the series and features the prime minister having intercourse with a pig. It’s as hard to watch as it is to look away.

7. White Christmas

This holiday special features three mini-stories which explore what might happen if we could replicate the consciousness of an individual. Spoiler alert – it’s not all that pleasant.

6. Black Museum

The second episode which features three mini-stories is the darkest of the series yet. It will have you on the edge of your seat and leave a bad taste in your mouth after watching.

5. Playtest

A traveler volunteers to test out a new virtual reality game which happens entirely inside his own mind. The game plays out his deepest psychological fears and unsurprisingly, some of ours too.

4. Shut up and Dance

Poor Kenny finds himself facing a series of distressing tasks. Grippingly unpleasant to watch from start to finish.

3. White Bear

I think this episode is the most shocking to watch. It’s thematic and absurd but could act as a warning to us all.

2. USS Callister

It’s thrilling, it’s funny, it’s Star Trek nostalgia and there’s even a sneaky Breaking Bad reference. This episode is flawless.

1. San Junipero

In spite of its usual dark tone, this episode presents the hope of a future which is not so bleak, but actually quite exciting. San Junipero is a touching sci-fi, romance classic and wins the top spot.