Top 10 Foreign Horror Movies

Megumi Okina, Takako Fuji, and Yuya Ozeki in Japanese horror movie "Ju-on" ("The Grudge")

Hollywood might have nailed the “ghosts in your bedroom” jump scare, but if you want to find a horror movie that can really keep you up at night, there is a whole word of terrifying cinema outside the US. You might recognize some of the titles from the American remakes, but here are 10 outstanding foreign horror originals.

Rec, Spain

Something bad is happening in an apartment but no one is sure what yet. All they know is that the rows of armed forces outside mean no one can leave.

Creep, UK

Ever missed the last train? Don’t worry… you’re not alone.

Babadook, New Zealand

A movie which gets under your skin like no other. A twisted tale of grief and the boogie man.

Goodnight Mommy, Austria

Beautifully cinematic, deeply unnerving to watch.

Martyrs, France

This is horrible. It’s brilliant, but it truly is horrible.

The Grudge, Japan

Filled with haunting images which are even more disturbing than the American remake, although that is great too.

Let the Right One In, Sweden

A vampire story which is worlds apart from Twilight.

Funny Games, Austria

Another bizarre and unsettling movie from Austria. A family’s vacation is ruined when they are forced to play twisted games on one another.

Dog Tooth, Greece

Two teenagers have been isolated by their parents their whole lives, then one of them decides to make things a little more interesting…

The Witch, UK

A deeply unsettling movie set in an old English village in the middle of nowhere. There is something about the eerie aesthetic and uncanny mix of silence and screams which makes The Witch get under your skin and stay there.