5 Times the Simpsons Correctly Predicted the Future

"The Simpsons" episode "Bart To The Future"

The Simpsons are renowned for predicting the future.  Most recently, last December, Disney agreed to purchase a large share of 21st century Fox, which is something which The Simpsons had predicted almost 20 years ago.

Below are five spooky times The Simpsons correctly predicted what actually ended up happening:

Donald Trump becoming president of the United States

Predicted: 2000

Happened: 2016

During an episode when Bart has a vision into his adulthood, he sees his sister Lisa succeeding Donald Trump. “The country is broke?” she says in one scene.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, writer Dan Greaney explains this was meant to be a warning.

The NSA spying scandal

Predicted: 2007

Happened: 2013

The Simpsons are forced to go into hiding following their escape from the EPA biodome, which encloses Springfield in The Simpsons Movie. The NSA, however, manages to locate Marge by listening in to one of their conversations. Six years later, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the government’s mass surveillance of Americans’ phone and internet records.

Smart watches

Predicted: 1995

Happened: 2014

When Lisa visits a fortune teller, she is transported to the year 2010, when smart watches exist. Smart watches, however, became reality in 2014, which was four years later than The Simpsons had predicted.


Predicted: 1995

Happened: 2010

Lisa talks to her mother Marge using her phone’s video chat capability.

FIFA corruption scandal

Predicted: 2014

Happened: 2015

In a 2014 episode of The Simpsons, an official from FIFA asks Homer to help repair the image of the organization. Just a year later, many officials from the organization were fired after they were found to have engaged in corrupt activities.

The same episode also correctly predicted that Germany would defeat Brazil during the World Cup.