Top 5 “Skins” Moments: Seasons 3-4

Kaya Scodelario and Lisa Backwell in Skins

We hated saying goodbye to the first generation of Skins characters, but we ended up falling just as in love with the characters in seasons 3 and 4. Here are some of their top moments.

“I’m Katie f***ing Fitch.”

This episode shows a more venerable side of Katie as she is pushed around by her mom and her mom’s clients, which she is looking after. It’s a brilliant moment when she takes the power back and shouts back at the girl who is giving her stick declaring: “I’m Katie f***ing Fitch, who the f*** are you?!”

Emily and Naomi hold hands through the catflap

Emily and Naomi are the first lesbian couple in the series and we were wishing from the start that they’d just get their act together and admit their feelings. When they finally do while holding hands through a cat flap, it’s a tear worthy moment.

Effy and Freddie kiss

What is it with Skins and no one being upfront about their feelings for each other? Another great moment is when Freddie sees Effy floating on a small island on the lake and the two swim over to each other to affirm their feelings with a kiss in a scene where the chemistry is enviable.

Pandora’s sleepover

Pandora’s sleepover looks like it will be tame compared to the parties the gang are used to. It was definitely heading that way until Effy spikes her mom’s homemade chocolate brownie mix with MDMA.

Pandora’s song to Effy

There is something really sweet about Pandora trying to cheer Effy up when she is in the mental hospital recovering from her breakdown. She knows that she can’t properly understand or take the pain away, but she does her best to put even a little smile on Effy’s face anyway.