Steven Spielberg Reaches $10.1 Billion Mark with “Ready Player One”

Steven Spielberg at the
Steven Spielberg at the "Ready Player One" film premiere in 2018. Photo by Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock (9478325aq)

Like virtually all film producers, Steven Spielberg has come under criticism for some of the movies he has produced during his career. However, what is not debatable is the fact that Spielberg has produced some of the most popular movies of all-time during the past 40 years.

Following Ready Player One‘s haul this weekend, it is believed that Spielberg’s global total earnings has been brought to $10.1 billion.

What is particularly impressive about Spielberg is that going back to 1975, only two of his movies have failed to cross the $100 million mark, and these are 1941, which totaled $92.5 million and Always, which earned $74.1 million.

Spielberg’s success has been helped by the fact he is one of the hardest workers in Hollywood and has sometimes produced two movies per year.

Even though Spielberg may now be 71 years old, we have not seen the last of him, and he still has a few more blockbusters in the works.