McDonald’s bring back Szechuan sauce. “Rick and Morty” fans are disappointed!

"Rick and Morty." Photo by Adult Swim

Last week, McDonald’s announced that they would be bringing back their famous Szechuan sauce, which was originally stocked in the restaurant in 1998 but has come back into fashion thanks to the popularity of the sci-fi cartoon Rick and Morty.

Last year, McDonald’s reintroduced the sauce in response to the April Fool’s episode of Rick and Morty, where Rick, in a fit of madness claims that the only thing he desires now in the universe is the sauce. The fans rioted when they rushed to their nearest restaurant but learned that the demand outweighed the supply and sold out quickly, leaving many people disappointed. McDonald’s were sorry to let fans down and have consequently released 20 million sauce cups worldwide.

Was it worth the wait? Fans seem to be having mixed feelings with most opinions ranging from “it’s alright” to “it’s absolutely disgusting.”

We’re grateful to McDonald’s for bringing back the sauce so the rest of us fans could try it, but the novelty has worn off quickly. All in all the sauce was not worth the wait and it definitely isn’t good enough to make the wait for Season 4 any easier. We’re sorry Rick, but we just don’t get your obsession.