“Insidious: The Last Key” will not disappoint the fans

Lin Shaye in "Insidious: The Last Key." Image by Blumhouse Productions

The finale of the Insidious franchise arrived on the big screen earlier this year. After indulging in the other Insidious movies and The Conjuring and Annabelle sequels a couple of times, we were prepared to be entertained but was not expecting anything new or exciting.

Although none of the sequels, including this one, live up to the first movie, it is pleasantly surprising how the director (Adam Robitel) managed to keep things interesting. The distressing backstory of protagonist and psychic Elise (Lin Shaye) added a deeper and darker level to the story. The writers successfully intertwined the demonic and imaginary world the franchise has created with some far more unsettling horrors of real life. This is perhaps why the movie gets under your skin and stays on your mind after you have left the cinema.

Keeping in the tradition of the other Insidious movies, there are plenty of jump scares and although we don’t see much in the way of ghosts and demons, the times we do get a glimpse into the Insidious world of “the further”, what we do see is quite horrific.

The plot was perhaps a little thin in places, but overall the movie is highly entertaining and will be no disappointment for the blockbuster horror fan. The feature is enjoyable even if you have not seen the other movies, although it ties together satisfyingly with the previous Insidious titles. The Last Key is, therefore, nothing groundbreaking, but still worth the watch if you enjoyed the previous films.