Here’s One More “Game of Thrones” Theory For Fans Who Haven’t Quite Let Go

Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones"

Major season 8 spoilers alert.

Yes, Game of Thrones is over and yes, we were also bitterly disappointed in the ending. We haven’t yet managed to come to terms with losing our beloved Khaleesi and we still aren’t totally convinced by her character development.

So naturally, when a new theory comes along, we are still open to seeing what superfans make of the whole thing. And this theory, which compares
Daenerys to Stannis Baratheon as a way of foreshadowing the Mother of Dragon’s ending, is fantastic.

“Both were ‘the rightful heirs’ and were motivated by it, and considered the Iron Throne to be their right and duty,” the theory begins. “Both were linked to the element of fire, Stannis through Melisandre and her religion and Dany through her dragons. They both burned their enemies.

“Both helped Jon against the enemy to the north. Stannis helped against the freefolk and Daenerys against the Dead. Also they were both very influential figures for Jon. Both had their closest advisors betray them in favor of Jon Snow (Melisandre and Tyrion/Varys). And they both held Dragonstone as their base of operations.

“They both lost their parents, and two brothers. They were directly involved in the death of the younger ones. (Renly killed by Melisandre, Viserys killed by Drogo while Dany watched). Dany brought foreign forces of Dothraki and the Unsullied, and Stannis brought a foreign religion. These things made them look like outsiders to their enemies.”

After convincingly drawing parallels between the characters, the theory concludes: “I think this is not a coincidence, and Stannis’ fate was a warning of what will happen to Daenerys, and that being a rightful heir is not enough to be a good ruler.”

Thank you Reddit. You’ve blown our minds again.