“Breaking Bad” Star Reveals the One Scene She Can’t Watch

Betsy Brandt in "Breaking Bad"

Breaking Bad star opens up about the one scene she won’t watch.

The Emmy-winning TV series contains several shocking moments, some of which were more difficult to watch than others. Betsy Brandt, who played Hank’s wife Marie, has admitted that there is one scene she still hasn’t watched and doubts she ever will.

The scene is in season five episode “Ozymandias,” when Hank is shot by Jack’s crew after they turn up to save Heisenberg.

“I still have not seen that scene, because I…just can’t…watch them drag you. And I just can’t…I just can’t,” she revealed to EW.

“I get that it’s pretend. It’s not like I text like Marie all day and expect you guys to show up at my house wearing purple… It was so fun to be a part of that relationship, because they were, you know, flawed, maybe, but such good people — and to be part of the love.

“And I just thought, ‘Hank should be in the world,’ you know? The world is better off with some people in it, and he’s one of them. Like, he should’ve been in it. And I still, I just – I can’t watch it.”

We feel the same way, Betsy!