8 Anti-Valentines Day Films to Watch If You’re Single

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in "Lost in Translation"

If you’re sick of watching your friends in couples make Valentines Day plans, why not rid your system of romance and treat yourself to one of these anti-Valentines Day movies instead.

How To Be Single

Finally, a chick flick that doesn’t result in a happy ending because the woman found her inner strength then traded it in for a new man.

It Follows

In It Follows, dating is literally lethal. We don’t want to give anything away but the movie is sure to put you off any kind of hook up while you’re watching.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

A classic feel-good movie that there are a hundred ways to love life and while we don’t advise stealing a Ferrari, we still think you can learn a lot from Ferris Bueller.

500 Days Of Summer

If you ignore the last couple of minutes, 500 Days Of Summer is a movie about why having a crush sucks.

Lost In Translation

Because at the end of the day, friendship is even more valuable than romance.


Vertigo is an anti-romantic classic from Hitchcock and is also one of the greatest movies ever made.


Instead of romance in Chicago we get a bunch of beautiful women behind bars for murdering their husbands. That’s about as anti-Valentines Day as you can get.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Why settle for love when you can have spontaneous fun with a transvestite from outer space? To be honest, there’s just never a bad time to treat yourself to a bit of Tim Curry.