Why is Umbrella Academy’s Number 2 So Different in the TV Series?

David Castañeda in "The Umbrella Academy"

Umbrella Academy star David Castañeda explains why his character
Diego Hargreeves is so different from the comics.

Diego Hargreeves is better known as “Number 2” and has the ability to throw things with perfect accuracy. In the comic, on the other hand, Diego goes by the name of “The Kraken” and has the ability to swim underwater for long periods. This is quite a drastic change and fans of the comic book series are wondering why it happened.

“[Showrunner Steve Blackman] wanted to ground the comic book even more,” Castañeda told Digital Spy. “So for example, Klaus doesn’t levitate in the show, whereas in the comic book he does.

“And there’s something about seeing someone who has actually no real supernatural powers and only being able to throw things with precision that kind of makes people be like, ‘Oh, I can see that, I can put that person in real life and I can see it play out as a human being’.”

He added: “You have Luther who has super strength, and you have Allison who can change the reality… and the fact that he can’t even be the one on top in the show, the resentment towards the father plays out even more because he is obviously placed at number two because he doesn’t have the powers one would say are divine.”

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