If recent reports are to be believed, Transformers 6 will not be released in 2019 as was originally planned.

Following disappointing returns from Transformers: The Last Knight, that collected a disappointing return of just $605.4 million, which was the lowest in the series which had up till that point been hovering around the $1 billion mark – director Michael Bay has departed from the role of director and it now seems like Paramount and Hasbro are considering restructuring the movies.

TWF2005 stated: “a new team at Paramount will reset the Transformers Live-Action Movie Series following the release of Bumblebee: The Movie”. This news has come to light at the Toy Fair 2018 Hasbro Investor Preview, and is also as a consequence of Hasbro exerting more control over the movie takes on its toys.

This most likely means that the planned 2019 release date for Transformers 6 has been abandoned and we will unlikely get whatever Transformers 6 morphs into until 2021 at the latest.