Top 5 “Skins” Moments: Seasons 1-2

Nicholas Hoult, April Pearson, and Mike Bailey in "Skins." Image by Warner Home Video

Skins (the UK version) is a realistic, entertaining and well-loved portrayal of teenage life. It gives us the highs and the lows of what it’s like battling love triangles, insecurity, unsympathetic parents and the struggles of trying to balance A Level stress with a hectic social life, all while trying to figure out who you are and what your place is in this daunting world. In honor of the show’s greatness, we’re giving you our top five moments from each generation, starting with seasons 1 and 2.

Jal says “yes”

Jal and Chris make a deal that he will start trying harder if she stops saying no and starts saying yes. To hold up her end of the deal, we see a usually reserved Jal down a beer then jump on stage and steal the singer’s hat before kissing him and being pulled off by security.

Sid & Cassie make up

Their relationship was rocky from the start but things really went wrong for the couple in season 2. The moment they make up after Cassie confesses to kicking a boy out for squashing her “slug named Sidley” is a triumphant relief.

The “Wild World” montage

The end of season finale closes with a montage of the group going through their individual pain. It’s a truly emotional sequence.

Michelle and Sid’s first hook up

We didn’t really want it to happen because by this point we are rooting for Tony again, but the scene where Sid and Michelle hook up on the beach on her birthday is definitely a top moment.

Chris’ funeral

Seeing the gang together for probably the last time before they go their separate ways as they gather round to say goodbye to their friend is one of the most moving and memorable moments of the entire series.