Top 5 funniest Family Guy episodes

"Family guy." Photo by Fox

Family Guy, by creator Seth MacFarlane has been airing on FOX since 1999 and currently boasts 300 episodes. The witty humor of the show has made us laugh for years on end.  Below is a list of arguably the best Family Guy episodes.

“Da Boom”(Orginal Air Date: 26 December 1999)

Family Guy is known for parodying pop-culture. In “Da Boom,” Peter runs into a man in a giant chicken suit who is proclaiming that the end of the world will arrive in Y2k. Peter, however, takes the expired chicken to task for an expired coupon and takes on a fight that lasts for a long time.

Sibling Rivalry (Original Air Date: 26 March 2006)

In this episode, Peter agrees to have a vasectomy but prior to his surgery he makes a donation to donate a sperm bank and later finds out that a lesbian couple is pregnant with his son. The son, Bertram, becomes Stewie’s nemesis. The funniest part of the film is a scene where Peter entertains prisoners by singing “Milkshake” while in his underwear.

North by North Quahog (Original Air Date: 1 May 2005)

Peter and Lois decide that they will take a second honeymoon in order to spice up their marriage. While they sneak into Mel Gibson’s private room at a hotel, Peter ends up discovering a sequel to the Passion of the Christ but Gibson hunts him down.

Rhode to Rhode Island (Original Air Date: May 30, 2000)

This was one of the first episodes to show the strong chemistry that exists between Stewie and Brian. Brian offers to pick up Stewie from Florida where he is with his grandparents.  Brian, however, gets drunk and after the two miss their plans, they are forced to do a road trip in order to get back home. Brian comes to terms with his feelings towards his mother who he thinks abandoned him while he was a pup.

I Dream of Jesus (Original air date: October 5, 2008)

During this show, Peter discovers his love for the song  “Surfin Bird” by the Trashmen and for the first half of the show, Peter finds ways of slipping the song into the conversation.  He even produces a public service announcement to remind everyone that “the bird is the wind”.