Top 5 “That Would Only Happen to Super Hans” Moments

Image via Peep Show/Youtube

He’s cool, he’s a bit mad and he loves crack. Super Hans, portrayed by Matt King, is quite possibly the best character in Peep Show and the British TV Series would not be the same without him. He’s had his fair share of golden moments, but in no particular order, here are our five favorite “that would only happen to Super Hans” moments.

1. That time Mark had to reassure him his legs weren’t on fire.

Have you ever been so drunk that you had to ask your friend to reassure you that you’re standing? It’s plausible. But have you ever been so mashed that you have had to sincerely ask your friend to reassure you that your bottom half isn’t on fire? Of course not. That would only happen to Super Hans

2. “Men with Ven.”

You’ve heard of a man with a van, but Super Hans suggests teaming up to be one better – “men with ven.”

3. The time he was utterly horrified by the NYE party.

This isn’t one of Super Hans’ series stealing moments, but his utter horror at whatever was going on in that NYE party has left our imaginations running wild at what could have possibly been going on in there. All we know is that Mark’s suggestion that they were “doing it” was way too tame to scare Super Hans.

4. The time he brought a rental snake to Mark’s party.

How do you pull a hot girl at a party? Rent a snake, obviously. Not to worry though, it is apparently perfectly safe. Super Hans teaches us an important lesson with his rhyme “Red next to black jump back. Red next to yellow, cuddly fellow.” Or was it the other way round…?

5. The time he “accidentally” ran to Windsor.

A natural reaction to getting clean is to get fit and healthy. In true Super Hans style, he takes it ten steps further (or rather, 25 miles further) and phones Jez claiming he has “accidentally” run to Windsor. It can happen, I guess.. but only to Super Hans.