Top 5 Most Exciting “Breaking Bad” Moments

Bryan Cranston in "Breaking Bad"

It’s been a while since the finale of Breaking Bad left us as satisfied as we were desperate for more. In memory of the show’s brilliance, here is a list of our Top 5 most jaw-dropping, stomach churning, edge-of-the-seat, fist-pumping moments that the series brought us. Spoilers alert.

5. Jesse shoots Gale. Season 3, Episode 13. “Full Measure.”

This moment is intense for so many reasons. By this point, we already know that Walt is simply not a nice guy but we’re still rooting for him anyway. We like Gale and we don’t want him to die and we know that Jesse isn’t really a murderer, but we know that for Walt to survive, Jesse has to get to Gale in time and pull the trigger. The moment is fuelled with a mixture of conflicted emotions and this is why it is so memorable.

4. “Say my name.” Season 5, Episode 7. “Say my Name.”

It’s hard to believe that the Walt at the start of this episode is the same man as the feeble, anxious chemistry teacher we saw a few seasons back. This moment is a signifying reminder that the man we see is no longer Walt. He has become Heisenberg.

3. The train heist. Season 5, Episode 5. “Dead Freight.”

This entire episode had us on the edge of our seat. Our eyes were glued to the screen hoping they would pull off the heist and then just as our heart rate returns to normal, the kid on his bicycle returns from his spider collecting. My jaw hasn’t recovered from the drop since.

2. Walt saves Jesse. Season 5, Episode 16. “Felina.”

Does anything need to be said about this moment? It’s perfect. And Jesse gets to take revenge on Todd, so that’s great too.

1. Gus Fring dies. Season 4, Episode 13. “Face Off.”

It’s hard to pick number one, but I can’t think of a cooler moment in any TV show, ever. Heisenberg and Hector form an unlikely allegiance to the one man that Hector hates more than Walt. For a minute there we thought Gus had found a way, but then we realize the episode title is for once unambiguous. This moment is satisfying on so many levels and Gus keeps his calm and collected composure right up until his last breath.

What’s your favorite BB moment? Let us know in the comments.