“Black Mirror” Season 4 Premiere Date Revealed, alongside 7 New Trailers

"Black Mirror." Photo by David Dettmann/Netflix

Netflix gave us a welcoming surprise today. Season four of Netflix’ sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror will premiere on December 29th. This is great news since the previous reports stated that the fourth season of the series could debut in 2018. However, there is more. The streaming service giant also presented not one, but seven trailers for the show. You can check all of them below.

Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, recently spoke with Deadline, revealing some further details about the show’s fourth season.

“In Series 4, there’s a huge variety of stories, and tone and genre and aesthetic, they all look very different,” Brooker said. “This season is very ambitious and broader. Series 3 gave us the confidence to take on new things and show Black Mirror could mean other things, meant that we didn’t just have to be nihilistic and bleak. It can be thought-compelling in different genres and moods, more surprising even though the DNA is the same.”

There have been lots of speculation about season four being the final one, but it looks like Brooker isn’t about to step away from Black Mirror just yet, saying that “the world certainly throws up no shortage of ideas, you’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the technological advances in the world”.

He also ruled out turning some of the episodes into full series. “You could do an animated series or a comic book that was based on Black Mirror but wasn’t. It’s not something we’re allergic to but we’re normally so panicked as to what the next story is,” he added.



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