Everybody loves a mid-movie makeover. It’s the defining moment when the obviously-stunning, already-leading lady combs her hair and takes off her glasses and is magically transformed. Here is a list of our top character makeovers.

Andy (The Devil Wears Prada)

Even my boyfriend loves the scene when Nigel transforms Andy into a fabulous Vogue-worthy icon.

Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman)

One of the best makeovers is when a snobby shop assistant turns her nose up at Vivian for the way she is dressed. When she returns head-to-toe in expensive attire, it’s a mic drop moment.

Annabelle (St Trinians) 

Anabelle’s makeover montage when she tries out different looks from every clique is the highlight of the whole movie.

Alison (The Breakfast Club)

I’m personally a fan of Alison’s “before” look, but it’s a very John Hughes moment when Molly Ringwald gives her a makeover that takes Andy’s breath away.

Tai (Clueless)

Cher teaches Tai the ways of being cool, but she later learns that looks aren’t everything.

Sandy (Grease)

Tell me about it… stud.

Mia (The Princess Diaries)

Anne Hathaway still looked like a supermodel with frizzy hair and glasses, but it’s still a great makeover.

Viola (She’s The Man)

Amanda Bynes makes a very pretty but convincing teenage boy.

Olive Pendergast (Easy A)

How do you get back at your peers calling you a whore? Emma Stone’s Olive decided dressing like a “high-end prostitute” was the solution, and she rocked it.

Daniel (Mrs Doubtfire)

No matter how fabulous some of these girls might look, nothing beats Robin William’s transformation into Mrs Doubtfire.