8 Edgy Chick Flicks That Break the Mold

Reese Witherspoon and Linda Cardellini in "Legally Blonde"

Don’t get me wrong, I love a chick flick as much as the next person, but it can get tiring watching the world’s most beautiful women pine over an equally beautiful guy then realize they felt the same way all along. If you prefer your girls’ night-in to have a little more edge, check out these 10 chick flicks which dare to be different.

Easy A

Easy A is sort of like a modern-day version of The Scarlet Letter, which highlights the problem of the “slut shaming” culture. Emma Stone stars as Olive Pendergahst, who has more personality than Jane’s closet in 27 Dresses.

She’s The Man

Amanda Bynes playing Viola, pretending to be her brother, is easily her best role yet. Viola just wants to play football, but no girls are allowed, so she “mans up” and joins the team in disguise.

10 Things I Hate About You

Julia Stiles as Kat is a fierce, independent woman who doesn’t have to do much to win over Heath Ledger, who starts out dating her because Kat’s sister pays him to.

The Craft

It’s not your usual chick flick, but it’s a near all-girl cast and a lot of it takes place in a high school. The main difference is that all the “chicks” are actually witches.


Killing your husband if he ticks you off is not the best message in the world, but it’s highly entertaining.


Finally, a group of strong, confident women who are hilarious and don’t feel the need to change themselves for a man.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods might as well be named a feminist icon, after she ditches her attempts to get her ex back and exchanges it for mighty integrity and inspiring dedication to the power of sisterhood.

How To Be Single

A movie which is not about getting the guy. In fact, it’s about doing anything you can to keep away from him.