Top 10 Horror Movies in 2018

Nicolas Cage in "Mandy"

Yes, 2018 is over but that makes now the perfect time to look back at some of the best movies the year brought. Here are the top 10 horror films ranked from best to worst.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a horrifying, anxious horror flick which at its heart is a gripping monster movie. It’s unique, thrilling and unnervingly suspenseful.


What if evil could be inherited? The tale of the haunted house got terrifying again with 2018’s terrifying and unique horror Hereditary.

Bird Box

In this post-apocalyptic nightmare, nowhere is safe. Like The Quiet Place, Bird Box depicts what it is like to live in constant anxiety and fear.


A brutal and bloodthirsty cult tale from Netflix, which didn’t disappoint.


Critics may be divided on this uncompromising remake, but whatever your thoughts might be, this radical re-imagining of Suspiria is bursting with insanity and horror.


Netflix’s surreal and unnerving sci-fi thriller pulls you into an uncomfortable world and gets under your skin.


Nicholas Cage’s most recent movie appearance was surprisingly gripping with a healthy dose of violence and bloodshed.


Michael Myers was gloriously terrifying in his return to the overdue Halloween sequel. Although it wasn’t quite as compelling as the original, it did bring closure to the franchise.

Insidious: The Last Key

The final installment of the Insidious franchise seemed to end the era of cheesy jump scares before we received a chilling run of terrifying post-apocalyptic terrors. Still, it was good fun and wrapped up the franchise nicely. Read our review here.

The Nun

The Nun hardly lives up to some of the other titles on this list but it was still entertaining and some people liked it. Read our harsh review here.