There’s More “Russian Doll” Coming Our Way

Natasha Lyonne in "Russian Doll"

That déjà vu feeling is coming round again.

Netflix has announced that Russian Doll has been renewed for another season.

The original series saw Natasha Lyonne as a 36-year-old New Yorker who kept dying and yet found herself alive and well at her birthday party. Groundhog Day, much?

Its positive reception from both critics and audiences means that Netflix has decided to offer us another chance to see how Nadia’s story turns out.

“Same show, just weirder,” Lyonne, who also executive produces the series, announced. “The character is a coder, so it would be appropriate to have this be the time and place to say, yes. So very much yes, I would love to do [a second season].”

That second season is set to consist of eight episodes, with creators previously hinting that a third season could be in the works.

We’ll have to wait and see.