The Flash Movie Will Spark “A Whole New Universe” according to Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller. Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (9221588ee)

With all the uncertainty surrounding the DC Extended Universe, it isn’t surprising to see fans losing hope about some of the projects surrounding prominent DC superheroes.

One of them is The Flash solo movie, which was announced back in 2014 and is still far from making it to the theaters. But, according to Ezra Miller, who starred as Barry Allen/The Flash in previous DC movies, the movie is definitely happening and it will be a feature all comics fans will enjoy.

Miller was recently asked in an interview about the progress on The Flash solo movie. While the 26-year-old admitted that the production is a bit late, he said the reason for this is that everyone involved into the project wants to make one of the “greatest superhero movies of all times.”

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star also offered some details about the movie, saying that it will spark “a whole new universe” and should connect the “disparate pieces” of the DC film universe.

“We’re talking about sparking a whole new universe, it’s not just the DC multiverse, it’s the speedster multiverse,” said Miller. “And the speedsters are the ones who connect all the disparate pieces of it. ‘Cause Marvel is a universe, right? It’s a world with all the same characters in it. DC is a multiverse — all these different stories with different realities, different characters and different versions of characters. And the speedsters are the ones who move through it all.”

You can watch the interview below.

Despite the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, Warner Bros. decided to rethink their strategy regarding the DC Extended Universe which causes a lot of delays in several projects. Several actors also decided to move on from their roles including Henry Cavill, who stepped down as Superman and Ben Affleck who won’t return to portray Batman.