The Baddest Of The Bad Guys in “Rick and Morty”

Justin Roiland in "Rick and Morty"

Rick and Morty has its fair share of wacky characters who live morally questionable lives. This list goes out to the baddest bad guys who are too ridiculous to be classified as actual “villains.”


At the end of the infamous “Vindicators” episode, it turns out that the big bad “Worldender” wasn’t that bad at all. Or maybe he was, but Rick was able to defeat him while being so blind-drunk he forgot he was doing it. At the end of the episode, Supernova turns out to be more of a villain and vows revenge against Rick for embarrassing her.

Mr Jellybean

Quite frankly, the less that is said about Mr Jellybean the better.

Evil Morty

Eyepatch Morty is the only Morty to ever outsmart a Rick. His return in season 3 makes the chances of him becoming a recurring character look promising.

The Devil

Summer’s boss at her first summer job turns out to be the actual devil himself. We’ve seen several horrifying depictions of the devil in TV and cinema, but Mr. Lucius Needful hanging out in a pawn shop full of cursed objects has got to be the most ridiculous.


Tammy seemed like an innocent high school student who was in love with Rick’s best friend, Bird Person. When it was revealed that she is actually a Federation spy, we felt just as betrayed as Bird Person.

Rick Sanchez

If you’re wondering why this list is short, it’s because the episodes of Rick and Morty do not follow the typical ‘good guy vs bad guy’ format. This is partly because when you think about it, Rick is the biggest villain of them all. He defeated Worldender, “Cronenberg’d” the entire human race and even outsmarted the Devil himself. He does what he wants and rarely considers the repercussions. He possesses the power of a God and although he has saved the world on the odd occasion, he has also ended it too.