Ratings Drop for Mid-season Premiere of “The Walking Dead”

Chandler Riggs and Avi Nash in "The Walking Dead"

The recent The Walking Dead mid-season premiere is the lowest rated to date. This is perhaps less surprising when you consider that the the mid-season finale was the lowest rated since Season 2. The season ratings have been decreasing steadily since 2016 with Season 8 reaching an all time low for the show.

Season 8 ratings have not only reached an all time low, but the amount of viewers watching has decreased by over 7 million since Season 4. Perhaps this is to be expected considering that with the rise of Netflix, most people’s TV viewing time has dropped significantly. It is a matter of opinion whether the show’s quality has decreased and whether this is the real reason for the drop in ratings and views.

That being said, the show remains incredibly popular with over 8 million viewers and the new season is still rated higher than the Winter Olympics in the 18-49 demographic. It’s ratings might have dropped, but it’s still one of the top watched shows on TV after Game of Thrones. Even if ratings continue to decline, The Walking Dead has a loyal fan base who continue to watch. This does depend of course on who the writers have decided to kill off or bring back this season. Will you be watching to find out?