“Pokemon Movie – Everyone’s Story” trailer released

Screenshot via PIXEL PLANET/Youtube

The week, the Pokemon company debuted the first trailer for its 21st Pokemon Movie, called Pokemon: Everyone’s Story.

The movie continues the story of the “rebooted” Ash and Pikachu which was first seen in Pokemon the Movie: I choose You which was released last summer.

This Ash is different from the one that we are used to in Pokemon and has not caught most of his Pokemon nor has he met any of the travel companions whom we are used to seeing him with.

The new trailer shows off several new characters from the new movie, including a new rainbow-haired girl named Lisa and her partner Pokemon who is an Eevee.

Other figures who are shown during the trailer is a street performer named Kagachi and his Sudowoodo, a researcher named Torito and his Chansey, an old woman named Hisui and her small pack of Pokemon which includes a Marill, a Togepi, and a Totodile.