None of the Original Cast Will Appear in “Charmed” Reboot

Melonie Diaz, Rupert Evans, Madeleine Mantock, and Sarah Jeffery in "Charmed"

The Charmed reboot is almost here but it looks like we won’t be getting any surprise appearances from the original cast.

One actress we were expecting to see return was Shannen Doherty, who played Prue in the original series. She had recently defended the reboot.

“I think it’s great,” she said. “I think it’s awesome. I think second lives are amazing, so I’m all for it… I’m happy to see that a show, that back then was all about strong women who supported and loved each other, is now coming back again in this day and age.”

Unfortunately, she has revealed that she will not be showing up in the reboot any time soon. She told Entertainment Weekly that her reason for deciding against an appearance is because she has already agreed to appear in the reboot of Heathers (1989).

“It’s funny, because somebody said to me, ‘Oh, would you do the Charmed reboot?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t be the reboot queen!'” she explained.

Her co-stars have been less supportive of the reboot. Holly Mary Combs has been particularly vocal about her feelings towards the show.

“Let me say first that I appreciate the jobs and opportunities the Charmed reboot has created,” she wrote in a statement. “But I will never understand what is fierce, funny, or feminist in creating a show that basically says the original actresses are too old to do a job they did 12 years ago. I hope the new show is far better than the marketing so the true legacy does remain.”

The Charmed reboot will air October 14th on the CW.