New “Venom” Trailer Released

Michelle Williams, Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed at the "Venom" film presentation, CinemaCon, Las Vegas, 23 Apr 2018. Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (9640550c)

The new Venom trailer has just been released by Sony and quite frankly, it looks awesome.

Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, who looks like something of a local do-gooder. His life is thrown into total disequilibrium when a symbiote mixes with his own DNA and he learns that a violent and powerful entity now shares his body.


The trailer looks as if it will do Venom more justice than Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 3, where the entity’s backstory is not explained and the character is lost among two other story lines. The upcoming movie will not split Venom’s screen time with Green Goblin and Sand Man, but appears to focus almost solely on Eddie Brock and his transformation.

The movie is associated with Marvel but does not cross over with the Marvel cinematic universe. Venom is a stark contrast to the colorful and classic superheroes of Marvel and is instead something of an anti-hero, more comparable to the dark and complex characters of the DC universe, despite its origin in the Marvel comics.

The trailer shows Eddie Brock investigating a suspicious company for a report. Something happens to cause a symbiote to unite with his human DNA and suddenly he is hearing voices – well, one voice. When Eddie discovers his new and dangerous powers, he is not curious and excited by them like Peter Parker when he transforms into Spider-Man. On the contrary, the trailer shows him looking frightened and struggling as he quickly learns that his body is no longer just his own. He must either fight the dark forces inside him to maintain control, or find a way to work with them.

Venom will premiere at cinemas on October 5th.