“The New Mutants” will be the first X-men Horror Film

Blu Hunt in "The New Mutants." Photo by Marvel Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox

The new X-men movie follows the story of five young mutants held in a secret facility against their will. As it turns out, the facility is not a hospital but seems to in fact be something of a haunted house from which they are desperately trying to escape.

Our screens have been filled with shiny, exciting superhero movies the last few years but New Mutants is a superhero movie of a different variety. Like Logan, the movie looks like it will focus less on the battle between good and evil and more on the struggle with the grey area that lies between and the struggle the mutant’s face with their own dark past. Although not much has been given away yet, the trailer suggests that the movie will be as much of a horror as it will be of the superhero genre.

As the title suggests, the movie will feature an entirely new set of mutants with their own powers. Rumors report, however, that James McAvoy will be featuring as Charles Xavier, making his fourth appearance in the franchise.

The release date of the movie has been delayed to February 2019, but it looks like it will be worth the wait. Could New Mutants really be the first X-men horror movie?