Kurt Russell’s “The Christmas Chronicles” Becomes Horror Movie in Fan-made Trailer

Kurt Russell in "The Christmas Chronicles"

Netflix’ The Christmas Chronicles is a family-friendly holiday movie starring Kurt Russell and telling another heartwarming tale about saving Christmas.

But YouTuber P.L. Boucher envisioned this movie in a completely different way. Instead of Christmas movie, they believe it should have been a John Carpenter-directed horror.

P.L. Boucher took the footage from The Christmas Chronicles, and then merged it with scenes from other horror movies, with the final product being a concept trailer for John Carpenter’s Yuletide.

According to the YouTuber, they wanted to do a fake trailer for Carpenter’s new movie for a while and thought the latest release from Russell, who frequently collaborated with the legendary horror director, is a perfect starting point.

You can check out the trailer and read the synopsis for this intriguing movie below.

“When a primordial evil is released by a team of scientists digging in the North Pole on Christmas Eve, the residents of a small town rapidly become infected and transformed into nightmarish creatures. Their only hope is a mysterious man (Kurt Russell) held at the local police precinct who claims to be Santa Claus.”

We don’t know about you, but we really enjoyed the trailer and would like to see someone pick up this idea. Maybe John Carpenter himself?