All The Easter Eggs in “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”

Craig Parkinson and Fionn Whitehead in "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

The highly-anticipated choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror film is finally upon us and wow, what a ride. While jumping through the many alternate endings, we kept one eye open for any clues as to how the episode connects with the rest of the series. Here are the Easter Eggs we found.

Metal Head

Tuckersoft have posters for a game called Metl Hedd with a robot creature that looks almost identical to the ones that take over the world in season four’s “Metal Head.” Could the episode be a game? Do we even know what’s real anymore?

Nose Dive

Remember that crazy episode where people rate everyone else for everything they do, and we all freaked out because that’s kind of where real life is headed? The episode name is the same as the game title Colin Ritman is working on.

White Bear

That flowchart symbol that flashes on screen and around Stefan’s room after he murders his dad is the same as the one that appears in “White Bear.” The symbol also appears in “Play Test” and seems to connect the episode via the theme of being powerless to your own decisions. Hmmm…

San Junipero

The building where Stefan has his therapy is called “Saint Juniper’s,” which is the building that runs the San Junipero program and permits Rolo Hayne’s horrendous experiments in “Black Museum.” Coincidentally, Dr Haynes is also the name of Stefan’s therapist. Ha, coincidentally. As if.

Hang the DJ, 15 million Merits, USS Callister, Be Right Back

All four episodes are references in a newspaper insert revealing that Stefan has killed his father.

In fact, if you watch closely, you’ll notice that almost every episode is given a subtle nod one way or another. The pollinator drones in “Hated in the Nation”, the political bear in “The Waldo Moment” and the “groundbreaking memory recall device” in “Crocodile” are also given a mention.

It really is all connected.