The new Incredibles 2 trailer came out on Friday and it looks like the Pixar animation will be putting a new spin on the franchise.

It has been fourteen years since The Incredibles made it big on our screens and it looks like the sequel has moved forward in time in more ways than one.

From the trailer, we are getting the impression the movie will not focus on Mr Incredible’s immense strength and classic superhero image, but will instead focus on his wife, Elastagirl. While she goes off on her own private mission to protect the city from crime, Mr Incredible stays home to watch the kids.

The reversal of traditional gender role looks like it will not only make the movie current and follow in the Wonder Woman trend, but it also seems to be a fundamental source of humor in the film. The trailer cuts between Elastagirl jumping through the city on her mission and Mr Incredible struggling to cope with his teenage daughter’s mood swings and his youngest son’s spontaneous combustion.

As well as a twist on gender norms, the trailer also introduces a new villain. It looks as if the whole gang will need to get together to fight him, and we can’t wait to see how it will all go down. Luckily, we only have to wait two months until the movie is released on June 15th to find out.