Here’s The New “Child’s Play” Trailer

Aubrey Plaza in "Child's Play"

The Child’s Play reboot is nearly upon us and Chucky, now named “Buddi”, has now returned in a new trailer.

The movie is a remake of the 1988 version of the film of the same name. This time around though, Chucky is not a doll possessed by an evil villain. Instead, he is a robot that has lost control, possibly as a result of malicious reprogramming. We’re not sure which is more frightening.

The modern twist on the ’80s film gives the reboot a new lease of life. The one thing we are concerned about is whether the IT producers will be able to pull the whole doll-coming-to-life scenario off. After all, half the charm of the original came from the ’80s slasher style. Without this charm, could Chucky’s new story be a little cheesy? It is bound to depend on just how high caliber the robotics of this new doll is.

You can judge for yourself in the trailer here:

Child’s Play will be released in cinemas June 20.