The fantasy world of “B: The Beginning”

"B: The Beginning." Photo by Netflix

B: The Beginning is the latest anime Netflix original. The series is 12 episodes long and aired for the first time on March 2nd. Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa joined forces to direct the bizarre and exciting future-set anime.

B: The Beginning is the crime story of “B the killer” who the RIS are on a mission to capture. The story revolves around the police force and criminal cases but also around the fantasy world where B the killer originates. The world contains God-like beings, mad scientists and new humans who are being engineered for evil purposes.

It is difficult to review anime in the same way you would review an ordinary TV series at it follows its own set of rules. That being said, it doesn’t take an anime expert to credit the show for its unique concepts and interesting characters. The multiplicity of subplots and backstories makes it difficult at times to keep up with all that is going on, but the development of a police-based crime story to something of a supernatural thriller is certainly intriguing.

All in all, B: The Beginning is a successful anime series featuring an interesting mix of characters and ideas. A little more explanation of some of the subplots would have been welcomed, but then again, so would a second season.