Fans Aren’t Happy With the New “Lion King” Trailer For One Particular Reason

Screenshot from The Lion King's trailer. Photo via Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

The second The Lion King trailer is not getting the positive reaction that Disney had hoped for. The main problem? Their depiction of Scar.

In the Disney animated version of The Lion King, Scar is a menacing lion with a big black mane. In real life, black-maned lions are more aggressive, hence why this depiction was chosen for the villain of the film.

In the new trailer, however, Scar’s black mane is no more. He looks far smaller in size than Mufassa and the pompous, villainous expression is nowhere to be seen. Naturally, fans have been quick to pick up on this.

One fan tweeted: “I’m all for the lion king remake, (mostly because of Donald Glover), but these two pictures highlight how having live-action cartoon characters restricts the portrayal of emotion, I mean just look at the picture of scar in the original photo compared to the new one.”

Another said: “OG Scar: evil and pompous as hell.. remake Scar: a ratty looking lion I guess.”

You can watch the trailer here: