“Fahrenheit 451” starring Michael B. Jordan gets its first trailer

Michael B. Jordan. Photo by Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock (9374920e)

HBO’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 has received its first trailer and the film is set to premiere on HBO in May.

The film is set in a society where writing is outlawed and follows Guy Montag, played by Michael B. Jordan, a fireman who has a duty to burn books. Montag is tasked to eradicate outlawed books and finds himself unhappy in the society which he had helped to create by allowing for the ban on books.

The book, written by Brad bury, is criticizing a possible future where people are absorbed by entertainment to such an extent that they do not care about what lies outside their screens.

The trailer literally shows books burning and the figurative fire of Guy’s initial fanaticism and the self-righteous fury of his supervisor Captain Beatty who is played by Michael Shannon. The trailer suggests that the film will be direct, angry and forceful.