“Everything Sucks”: awkward and relatable coming of age story

Peyton Kennedy in "Everything Sucks!" Photo by Netflix

Everything Sucks! is new Netflix series, co-created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan. The series is set in the town of Boring, Oregon (which is actually a real-life place believe it or not) in 1996. The soundtrack and setting is a brilliantly nostalgic throwback to the ’90s and you will probably find yourselves endearingly laughing at some of the questionable wardrobe choices in memory of some of your own.

The show is not just a pleasant throwback but is a funny, awkward and deeply relatable coming of age which is a real pleasure to watch. The series is successful in making you genuinely care about the characters as we watch them battle their self-doubt, insecurities and struggle facing who they really are.

The Netflix series is not only sensitive in its treatment of adolescence but is also understanding in its portrayal of life as a single parent. The touching way that the adults are presented as still feeling similar emotions to the teenagers is a heartfelt reminder that some of our childhood insecurities never fully leave us.

The leads Jahi Winston and Peyton Kennedy are fabulous and we have our fingers crossed for a second season. A truly heartwarming coming of age story which is genuinely enjoyable to watch.