“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”: Top 5 Jake and Amy Moments

Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

After being axed by Fox and picked up by NBC, the Golden Globe winning series Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been able to continue and bring us more of our favorite cop couple, Jake and Amy. Here are 5 of their best moments.

The Proposal

The climax to the fifth Halloween heist was when Jake changed the inscription on the shield to “Will you Marry me?” causing Boyle to faint and everyone watching to melt.

First Kiss

While undercover, Jake and Amy have to kiss (twice) to avoid their true identity being revealed. This leads Amy to finally admit to herself that she can no longer suppress her feelings for Jake.

“Date” on the Roof

As a result of losing a bet, Amy must go on a date with Jake but on the condition that she does not fall in love with him. The date takes an unfortunate turn when they are forced to stake out a shipment on the roof. This is the moment Jake realizes he is in love with Amy.

The Apartment

In order to decide who gets to keep their apartment when they move in together, Jake and Amy compete to arrest the most escaped convicts from an overturned van. In the end they are equal in points but Jake decides to let her win when they both dart for the last convict.

The Cruise

Jake and Amy embark on a free cruise that they won in a competition. After finding out that the cruise had in fact been given by Jake’s nemesis “The Pontiac Bandit” to dupe the pair into saving his life, they have to sacrifice their romantic getaway for a mission. In the end, Jake saves his nemesis, who then escapes but leaves them with the VIP room. That’s when the duo say “I love you” to each other for the first time.