Ben Affleck Reveals Why He Walked Away from Batman

Ben Affleck in "Justice League"

Earlier this year, it was announced that Ben Affleck won’t be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in DC Extended Universe anymore and that Warner Bros. are looking for a new actor to fill the role. While the news didn’t come as a surprise, since there were longtime rumors that Affleck is willing to walk away from portraying the Caped Crusader, it still left us wondering about the reasons for 46-year-old’s departure.

In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, Affleck decided to explain why he quit Batman in a recent interview. Speaking with IGN, the “Argo” star said that he wasn’t happy with the script for the movie and that he wasn’t “excited” by the version of the movie he supposed to do.

“That was part of the problem,” said Affleck. “We worked on the script, I was trying to figure out how to crack it, and I was never happy enough with it where I thought it was worth going out and making it because I just didn’t want to do a version that I wasn’t really excited by, so I still don’t know.”

After playing Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Ben Affleck was supposed to write, direct, and star in the Batman standalone movie. He ended up handing over the directorial duties to Matt Reeves in 2017, in order to focus more on the role. However, in January 2019, Affleck confirmed that he is leaving the project altogether, as Reeves is looking to cast a younger version of Bruce Wayne and tell the story of the early days of his transition to Batman.