An Amélie Mockumentary is in The Works

Audrey Tautou in Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

A mockumentary about Amélie is officially in the works.

The 2001 movie Amélie is a charming affair which tells the story of a quirky young girl living in Paris. She notices the small details that others miss and becomes a do-gooder watcher of others, while neglecting her own life.

The feature was up for five academy awards and has gained cult classic status. Now, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet  has decided to revisit his creation in the form of a mockumentary.

Jenuet told IndieWire: “I’m writing a fake documentary about the shooting of Amélie, like the Peter Jackson movie about the beginning of cinema [Forgotten Silver],” he said. “It’ll be just stupidity, something very funny, very cheap to make, I hope.”

Jenuet also commented that he would never make a spin-off series or a sequel as it just wouldn’t be the same. “I don’t want to make a sequel or even a series,” he confirmed. “I just want to make the fake documentary with every document declassified.”

More info on this when details are announced.