7 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

It isn’t easy to say goodbye to a television series you liked and watched for an extended period of time. But things get even worse when the show gets abruptly canceled and we don’t even get to see how the story ended. Networks usually blame low ratings or small budgets for these types of decisions, but true fans can never go over some of the cancellations. Here are the 8 TV shows that ended too soon.

Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000)

The show follows the life of a gifted highschooler Lindsay Weir who decides to befriend the school freaks. Only 12 out of 18 episodes of the first season were aired before the series was canceled. The final six episodes were released after numerous complaints from the fans.

Firefly (2002-2003)

The show lasted only one season and followed captain Mal Reynolds and his renegade spaceship crew in the year 2517. Despite this, the series ended up reaching cult status. In order to please the fans, creator Joss Whedon released the movie Serenity as a follow-up.

Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

Pushing Daisies follows a man who has the power to bring dead back to life. This comedy show initially enjoyed extreme success, but not even 17 Emmy nominations could keep it alive past two seasons.

My So-Called Life (1994-1995)

This show perfectly combined the lifestyle of the ’90s with romance, drama and constant bickering between family members. Unfortunately, the show lasted only a season and left the audience with a big cliffhanger.

Party Down (2009-2010)

The show that promised a lot, but didn’t get a chance to live up to its potential. The series, which followed wannabe actors working as waiters, got cancelled after just two seasons.

Rome (2005-2007)

This historical drama about Rome’s transition from Republic to Empire was a success with both the critics and the audience. Unfortunately, it only lasted two seasons since the cost of the series proved to be far too big to handle.

Bunheads (2012-2013)

Amy Sherman-Palladino created herself a loyal fan base with Gilmore Girls, but that couldn’t help her next project, Bunheads. It is about a Las Vegas showgirl moving to a small town and teaching teenage ballerinas about life and dance. It was canceled after just one season.