10 of the Best Animal Gags on “Bojack Horseman”

Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris in "Boajck Horseman"

Cartoon favorite Bojack Horseman is creative, depressing and sometimes deeply profound. It also delivers many great animal puns that make re-watching the series a treat. Here are 10 of our personal favourites.

1. The Cow Waitress

A confused diner looks apologetic when the waitress begrudgingly hands him a steak.

2. The Neighbourhood Rooster

Residents in Bojack’s neighbourhood are woken up by a jogging rooster shouting at them to get up because it’s morning.

3. Pinky the Penguin

An actual Penguin owns the publishing company that owns the rights to Bojack’s biography.

4. Quentin Tarantulino

What else would a director on Bojack Horseman be called?

5. Black Sheep

Garry is the black sheep of the Nguyen family. Literally.

6. The Goatful Dead

The perfect band t-shirt for an actual goatman.

7. Mice Crispies

Ok, maybe we could have picked something better than that one.

8. Hammerhead Shark

He uses his head to hammer the nails when doing construction on set.

9. The Elephant in the Room

Wanda wants to talk about the elephant in the room. He gets pretty offended because he’s just doing his job.

10. Princess Caroline and Ralph the mouse

Princess Caroline uses her one day off to try speed dating. When she is matched up with Ralph, a mouse, the pair can only laugh. Despite all odds, the cat and mouse hit it off but in true Bojack fashion, their happiness is shortlived.