“The Year of The Walking Dead” ride to open at Thorpe Park

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira in "The Walking Dead." Photo by AMC

On March 23rd, Thorpe Park in Staines (UK) will reopen for “The Year of The Walking Dead” in celebration of the brand new “The Walking Dead” ride. Fans of the TV show and thrill seekers alike are buzzing with excitement to get their tickets.

On weekends, the theme park will be swarming with “Walkers” inspired by the TV show, who will chase park guests in search of the “Safe Zone”. Even the queue for the ride will feature live actors. Thrill seekers will be told they must complete the coaster to survive.

The roller coaster will shoot riders through dark tunnels and will be filled with halts and shudders. It is anticipated to be a 10/10 on the thrill scale.

Throughout the year, the park will be hosting a range of apocalyptic events related to the show. Some of the highlights will include:

  • The Walking Dead Live Action Maze: Living Nightmare Extreme (May 25 – June 3)
  • Zombie Hunt – battle for survival in woodland on the outskirts of Thorpe Park resort during summer (July 21 – Sept 3)
  • Fright Nights – the hugely popular season returns with a Walking Dead theme (October 5 – October 31)

We can’t wait to hear what fans of The Walking Dead make of the ride and whether it is as scary as people are saying.