Watch: “Rick and Morty” Season 4 Trailer

Justin Roiland in "Rick and Morty"

At long last the trailer for Season 4 of Rick and Morty is here. 

With just a month to go, the first trailer for the forthcoming season has finally been unveiled. But that’s not all! Adult Swim also revealed the new season’s release date — November 10. 

But it’s not all good new. Despite the show not airing new episodes since October 2017, the new season will be split, and the November 10 premiere will be of just five episodes. 

“Half the season you deserve,” the trailer’s narrator says. “All the season we could handle.”

It’s not new that the show’s co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have struggled to meet their deadlines in the past. They say it’s because of the show’s high animation standards.

“We want every episode to be good,” Roiland explained. “There are times we’re like, ‘Okay, this one will be the worst of the season,’ and we’re still compelled to do everything in our power to fix what we think is wrong with it. It could be considered one of the reasons the show takes so long. When we get the episodes back in color, it’s easy to see if that we cut this and add that, it will elevate this episode significantly. Sometimes we get them back and are like, ‘We need to roll our sleeves up and figure this out.’ This season’s been good. Pretty excited about this season.”

The second half of the season is slated to premiere sometime in 2020.