Watch 2018 Box Office Hit “Venom” Being Hilariously Picked Apart by Honest Trailers

Tom Hardy in "Venom"

The 2018 movie Venom, which stars Tom Hardy in the lead role, was one of those films that divided critics and audiences.

While critics gave it mostly bad reviews, even calling it “the worst Marvel-derived origin story ever,” moviegoers rushed to the theaters to watch it. Venom ended up making $855 million at the box office and got propelled to No.5 on the list of highest grossing movies of 2018.

All of this caught the attention of the crew behind the YouTube channel Screen Junkies, who decided to use Venom as the topic of the latest entry in their hugely popular series Honest Trailers.

The Venom honest trailer mostly serves as an entertaining and funny look at the movie which has plenty of both good and bad aspects. It praises and criticizes Hardy’s performances, makes fun of romantic scenes and much more.

With that being said, there are several solid arguments made in the trailer, including the one that says Venom should be an R-rated movie given the history of the character and the dark tone of its comics. On the other hand, the movie was an absolute hit, so PG-13 was definitely the right choice from a financial standpoint.

One thing is sure, however: Whether you liked the film or not, you’ll love its honest trailer. Check it out below.