“Venom” Review: Great Fun if You Don’t Mind the Thin Plot

Tom Hardy in "Venom"

Most reviews are telling us that Venom is no good. Magazines like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are calling it “forgettable,” “unimaginative,” and “generically plotted.” Is that the truth? Well, yes and no.

Even though critics are trashing Venom, the audience is still buying tickets and going to see this Tom Hardy-starred feature. The reason for that is good word of mouth, since casual moviegoers are not nitpicking Venom or trying hard to find its flaws. They just want to have great fun when they go to the cinema, and this movie provides precisely that.

Don’t get us wrong. Venom is filled with flaws and question marks, starting from the thin plot to an unconvincing performance by some members of the cast. The first part of the movie is unnecessarily stretched, and it looks like someone realized this at one point and then tried to speed up the story all of a sudden. This compensation caused a bit of an unnatural transition which probably won’t bother lot of people.

For people who don’t need complex stories, perfect directing or iconic performances from actors to have a satisfying movie experience, Venom is a must-watch film. Despite being far from perfect, the movie is simply fun. It has great visual effects, tons of action and really smart humor. Also, Tom Hardy delivers an inspired performance as Eddie Brock, especially when he is leading talks in his head with symbiote Venom.

We recommend that you don’t pay much attention to the plot details and question how something happened since you’ll discover a lot of holes. Instead, lean back, put your brain to rest and just get immersed in the experience that Venom offers. This way you’ll get your money’s worth and much more while looking forward to the planned sequels.